Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Chunky Chocolate Chip cookie is insanely delicious, and addicting. If you want a big, fat chewy cookie, soft and gooey on the inside, then this is the recipe for you. 

Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies on white parchment paper
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There’s nothing better than a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. Chocolate chip cookies are a go-to favorite dessert, sweet snack, or after-school treat. 

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What's in A Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie

Basic ingredients usually go something like this:
  • All-purpose Flour
  • White Granulated Sugar
  • Brown Sugar - Light Or Dark Brown sugar, dark brown sugar gives a little more flavor due to the amount of molasses in it.
  • Chocolate Chips - Chip or Chunks, I use a combination of both
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Baking soda - Fresh baking soda will help baked goods rise.
  • Cornstarch - in combination with flour, cornstarch makes for a more tender baked good.
  • Eggs - Room-temperature eggs mix better with the batter and rise more easily.
  • Butter - Unsalted, do not use margarine. Shortening can be used but has less moisture for chewy cookies.

    Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie dough on baking sheet

    With the following handy hints, you’ll be baking the chocolate chip cookies of your dreams!

    How to make a better Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie 

    •  Measure all dry ingredients precisely for the best outcome. Fluff up flour for accurate measurement. Double-check for any lumps in dry ingredients
    •  Remove all lumps from sugars before measuring. In a mixer add softened butter. Cream it gently with the sugars until you have a light, fluffy consistency. Don’t overwork it.
    • Stir in eggs to mixer, then add vanilla until well blended. Turn off the mixer.
    • Add flour mixture to the mixer. Then with a paddle attachment, mix until well blended. If you find that the dough is wet, you probably need a little more flour. Add a tablespoon of flour at a time, until the dough doesn't stick to the bowl much.
    • Add the chocolate chips, with mixer on low to medium speed, or by hand, blend thoroughly.
    • Once your dough is mixed, put the bowl of dough in the fridge for 15 to 30 minutes. 

    Chocolate Chip cookie dough on baking sheet
    •  Spoon the cold dough out onto your baking sheets. Depending on what size cookies you want, you can use an ice cream scoop for larger cookies or a tablespoon for smaller cookies.  
    • Place cookie sheet into the oven, and bake until cookie edges are lightly toasted.  Do not overbake. Cookies will continue to cook on the hot cookie sheet when removed from the oven. 
    • Let pans cool completely between batches. Placing dough on warm sheets will cause the butter to begin to melt. (flat cookies).

    Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Let me know how your cookies came out! 
    Drop a comment below. 

    Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

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